3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors

3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors

For more than 17, interior design has been one of the supporting services provided by Mimar Engineering Consultants. By 2008, with a continuous flow of interiors design projects, Mimar dedicated a specialized interior design cell within its studio.3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors  3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors 3d-puzzle Mimar Interiors6

This design cell has worked on and produced a wide variety of interior design projects, ranging from residential, hospitality, educational, office, reatil and comercial spaces. Mimar had provided integrative services of interior design for many projects in prime locations in the MENA region.

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Due to the increasing flow of interior design projects, since the beginning of 2014 interior design services are being branded as Mimar Interiors, an independent design studio of Mimar Engineering, located in Dubai, Doha and Cairo to strengthen its presence in the MENA region.3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors  3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors 3d-puzzle Mimar Interiors1

The creative Hub of Mimar Interior is where innovative designs & ideas are developed. A special research & development unit has been established. Formed by academics & experienced designer, this unit is continuously searching for updated information, new ideas, materials & unique design pieces, and questioning cliché solutions.3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors  3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors 3d-puzzle Mimar Interiors

The team is composed of multi-disciplinary professionals with international experiences & backgrounds. This diversity enable us to understand social values of the region & distinguish repeated human patterns as manifested in their built environment.


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This makes us ahead & ready to compete where funcionality & timeless asthetics are the essential elements in our designs. Our work process is higly dedicative, in the sense that every piece of furniture & material has been thought of & ran across all possible choices & patterns.3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors  3d-puzzle * Mimar Interiors 3d-puzzle Mimar Interiors3

From spacial planning to design supervision, these are all central to our design process presented to clientes. Right from the very outset we listen carefully to your brief and requirements, helping you to make the right decision and choice at every stage.