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Founded in 2007,  has garnered a reputation for delivering outstanding creative work across a broad field of expertise that includes award winning interior design, project management and consultation, construction and renovation, interior branding and styling services.


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Ample HK is recognized for our dedications to creating strong design concepts, beautiful aesthetics and great functionality. The Studio’s hallmarks designs are based on the combination of contemporary and minimalist approach. The Studio’s professional and diversified team is paired with strong passion for design excellence to produce unique furniture and interiors that will stand the test of time.
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Spanning in the commercial, residential and retail sectors, Ample diverse portfolio of acclaimed work has made the studio of choice for people and brands seeking a unique and original design perspective. Ample Design’s clients include China Telecom, Vinda Group, New Vision, Lane Joaillier.

Ample Design is committed to providing exceptional design services for residential and commercial clients. The company thrives on building strong relationships with clients and providing them customized, innovative and powerful solutions. It is Ample’s goal to exceed clients’ expectations by taking their goals and build results, taking their visions and give them life, embracing their dream and make them real and even bigger.

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At Ample Design, the creative process begins with a development of design concept, a careful assessment of the context and design parameters, from the core values of the clients and their objectives to the surrounding environment. Ample’s key success is their intricate understanding of their clients’ dreams, objectives and concerns. By understanding their client’s mission, Ample facilitates a creative and winning process by tailoring each and every specification and detail to meet the clients’ desired result.

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