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Designers | André Fu

Out of the former British colony of Hong Kong comes a fresh voice in the world of interior design, . He has decorated and designed everything from high-end luxury hotel restaurants around the globe, such as the , to Art Galleries, such as Perrotin Tokyo. Truly a professional to keep eyes on in the design world, and that is why Best Design Interiors will take your through some of his oeuvre today!

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André Fu andré fu Designers | André Fu kiokufourseasonshotel
Kioku Restaurant, Four Seasons Seoul

Part of André’s distinctive and broad style comes from his upbringing. Having spent much of his young adult life between England and Hong Kong, his influences are definitely a mixture of the two countries which fostered him, not only professionally and personally, but also academically. Fu, having started his studies in England at the age of 14, graduated in Cambridge University with a Bachelor of Arts. Later he would conclude a Masters degree in Architecture, also from the same world-renowned academic institution:

“(…) living, studying and traveling between both countries over the past thirty years is why my own tastemaker sensibility reinterprets traditional notions of national identities or ‘East-meets-West aesthetics’ in a new hybrid. For me, it is about combining a seamless alignment of cultural and design sensibilities, modern luxury, and craftsmanship to shape the world around us”

His sense of style and artistry can be seen, felt, and immerse anyone into a pleasurable state of relaxation and wholeness. Projects such as the decoration of Kerry Hotel, located in the Kowloon Waterfront – actually the first hotel to be built on this location in 20 years -, displays a carefully maintained harmony between the exterior and interior.

andré fu Designers | André Fu kerryinterior
Kerry Hotel Interior
André Fu andré fu Designers | André Fu kerryterrace
Kerry Hotel Terrace

The designer has also been involved with the decoration and both exterior & interior design of the Pavillion Suites, right atop the Berkeley London. His trademark finesse and fancy-but-restrained outlook on a modern and luxurious space (never forgetting nature) are entirely present in the premium rooms of the hotel.

André Fu andré fu Designers | André Fu berkeley suite
Pavillion Suites, Berkeley London

Last, but not in the slighest sense least, Fu decorated the widely known luxury Hotel Andaz Singapore. Again, it is hard to miss his singular touch of nature-influenced décor.

andré fu Designers | André Fu andaz11
Andaz Entry Hall
André Fu andré fu Designers | André Fu Andaz
Andaz Dining Room
André Fu andré fu Designers | André Fu andazterrace
Andaz Terrace

His work as gathered him numerous awards, such as “Designer of the Year for Maison & Object Asia” in 2016. Truly a designer that deserves any kind of recognition bestowed upon him!

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