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Designers * Atticus & Milo

is an architecture and interior design practice, established in 1998 by their Design Director Caecilia Potter. Their design philosophy is driven by the desire to create a unique response to each client, architecture and landscape context, rather than imposing a single signature style on their diverse clients’ projects. Atticus & Milo is known for the individuality and warmth of their designs and love creating layered, eclectic spaces that reflect and enhance the lives of their owners.


Caecilia Potter leads every project hands on, working with a team of talented architects and designers in a collaborative studio environment. Atticus & Milo brings to every project their proven design methodology and in-depth design knowledge – from developing the key design idea and sourcing the most apt materials, finishes and products, to advice on ergonomics, family living & storage solutions, custom furniture design, fabrics, sustainable options and construction techniques. Through many years of experience they have established solid relationships with highly skilled builders, craftspeople and consultants who can provide reliable technical knowledge.


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Atticus & Milo’s designers pay particular attention to helping their clients articulate their brief, from which they develop the initial design concept. The design concept is the cornerstone for every successful interior design project. It provides you with the overall design direction and communicates visually your design destination – the unique story, style and feel for your project. And importantly, all the design documents and the Revit 3d model created in this phase are a strong foundation for the detailed design & construction drawings phases.

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Caecilia also has a strong interest in the art world as a collector of contemporary Australian and Asian artists. Atticus & Milo has assisted emerging artists, such as through sponsoring the VCA Proud exhibition and commissioning works. The designers enjoy assisting their clients with art referrals and advice and believe that original art adds resonance and soul to any space.

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Atticus & Milo is recognised as one of the leading professional design practices in Australia and their projects have won design awards and been featured in numerous local and international magazines. Their designs and diverse client base span a wide range of projects from new structures, extensions of period and contemporary buildings to interiors of penthouse apartments and the design of rural and beach retreats. Atticus & Milo are value-driven, with a strong interest in sustainability and designs that are not faddish but unique to each client, a lasting expression of their personal story.