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Designers is Live at Homo Faber 2018

Designers is Live at Homo Faber 2018! We’re Live at the prestigious Homo Faber event organized by the Michaelangelo Foundation! This exclusive event is regarded as the major cultural exhibition dedicated to European craftsmanship.


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Presenting the Homo Faber 2018


Today, Designers will let show you some of the high points of the First Day of this exquisite and imperative event for our contemporary world that is adamant on reviving arts that may have gotten forgotten over time.

Designers is Live at Homo Faber 2018 homo faber Designers is Live at Homo Faber 2018 Capturar3

The picture above is from the opening ceremony for the greatest celebration of beauty and craftsmanship that we remind you is taking place in Venice until the 30th of September.

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The renowned India Mahdavi shows how traditional craftsmanship can be used to create an exciting modern living with two contemporary spaces at Homo Faber 2018!

One of the pieces that are standing out at Homo Faber is the ! This piece by  resorts to one of the oldest and more delicate jewelry technique known: Filigree.

Set in a swimming pool, Fashion Inside and Out exhibition presents a fresh new look at artisanal skills as embroidery, pleating, knotting and weaving. It’s curated by Judith Clark.

Another expo is the Best of Europe Salla! It represents an amazing journey through pieces specially curated by Jean Blancheart and designed by Stefano Boeri!

We had the immense privilege to see in loco the mesmerizing technique of lighting glass being performed at the famous Abatezanetti Scuola di Murano.

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