3d-puzzlesers | Dmitry Velikovsky dmitry

3d-puzzlesers | Dmitry Velikovsky

The world of design is without borders. It has its own principles, rules, techniques, procedures, pros and cons. However, it is of vital importance nowadays for everyone, as design is involved in many parts of our life. Thus, Designers blog is about to share with our readers the information about  and his firm.

, a son of esteemed Russian architect Boris Velikovsky, established his Moscow office in 1995 and in 2008 opened one in Paris. With almost 20 years of experience, the designer creates consistently complex, innovative projects of residential and office space. The designer has more than 15 years of experience in architecture and design. As a matter of fact, the designer  was graduated at one of the most famous and well-known universities Moscow Architectural Institute and founded in 1995. After this events in his life, Dmitry Velikovsky creates consistently complex, innovative projects of residential and office space.

As far as it is know, Boris Velikovsky, the Grandfather of Dmitry Velikovsky, was one of the most famous architects in Russia. All over the country there are the houses, offices, schools, cinemas and many factories made by him. Back in the beginning of his career, Boris Velikovsky created series of remarkable buildings in the neoclassical style, as an example you can see the house of Gribov in Moscow

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As an architect and interior designer is well-known for his inspired aesthetic vision. His company specializes in creating unique residential and office projects. In almost 20 years of its operation Artistic Design has gained an international reputation among respectable worldwide clientele.

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Currently 20 people (architects, interior designers and other talented specialists) under Dmitri’s leadership create designs of residential buildings, including penthouses, chalets and luxury houses. Artistic Design also provides commercial interior designs of boutique hotels, restaurants, offices and airplanes.

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The interiors of Artistic Design successfully combine comfort, functionality and style . Artistic Design cooperates also with real estate professionals, art and antiques, furniture and landscaping. Dmitry Velikovsky and Artistic Design have high international recognition and respect, the company regularly publishes an annual directory of the international design competition Andrew Martin.

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Artistic Design create glamorous and luxurious interiors all over the continent, with recent projects in France, Italy, Great Britain, Russia and Ukraine.

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There is also a remarkable opportunity to have a look at the house of the designer in Moscow. The designer confesses that it was a difficult construction project. “All planning in Moscow is tightly controlled and can be corrupt, so it was very tough to get approval. Also, it was minus five degrees in the street and there was no roof for a while. ”However, when the renovation was completed, furnishings from Velikovsky’s far-flung travels gave the residence worldly charm. In the light-filled living room, on the lower floor, an 18th-century samurai chair, which he found in the market village of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence, sits unself-consciously near a metal-plated armchair by Swedish firm Källemo and an antique gilt-wood sofa the designer picked up in the Netherlands.

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There is no doubt to say that Velikovsky’s home looks like a model of the refinement he encourages among his Russian clients, but what makes it especially interesting is the freewheeling openness on display. Thus, there is no single aesthetic trademark governing mood.

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 an established, specialist real estate company offering upmarket properties in France and Italy. Through our partnership, we can offer you exclusive, off-market properties in locations such as Courchevel, Paris, Cap Ferrat, Forte dei Marmi and many others. There is a guarantee to have a top-quality service in finding and developing their properties and enhancing their investments.

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 considers art absolutely essential to the ambience of interiors. The expert team carefully selects artworks that enhance each individual project, choosing from a range of styles: old masters, modern art, contemporary works and/or antiques. Some artworks may be of museum or collection quality, but our main objective is to choose pieces that are inherently desirable, with decorative and/or emotional appeal.

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offers full range of services associated with real estate development, focusing on luxury class residential property: development of architectural and design concepts (preliminary designs/sketches); drafting architectural and structural design specifications.

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To conclude, is a master of interior design. His company Artistic Design Ltd. is doing its best in order to bewilder people with novelties of home decoration and other techniques. Create and design together with and Artistic Design Ltd!