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Buy Tessler Development’s New High-End Apartments in an NYC Skyscraper

Designers is proud to present you some stunning High-End Apartments in New York Citym and one of those apartments (that you can actually buy) is an apartment filled with bespoke and craftsmanship pieces: The Covet New York City! What’s this project about? It’s a marvelous luxury design experience that is the stunning result of a staging project between  and Covet House! This partnership produced  The Mansion, a stagging apartment at 172 Madison Avenue, the most coveted address for design lovers and professionals in the Big Apple. This showrrom opens on the 11th of November!


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The wonderful Covet NYC is fully decorated with a curated selection of furniturelightingupholstery and accessories from the best European luxury brands, namely  , , , , , , , ,  and .

With a wide range of successful endeavors including luxury condos, Tessler Developments is one of the leaders of the real estate development market in New York City. The company set the benchmark within the luxury real estate market by consistently delivering unique and outstanding developments, thereby raising the standards for luxury living in the city. On November 11, New York City will feel the impact of the inauguration of The Mansion at 172 Madison Avenue.

172 Madison Avenue is made for those who want more. More of this city, with its incredible and historical location. More space, provided by the high ceilings nearly 11 feet tall and up to 23 feet in the SkyHouse. More light, with natural light provided by the amazing walls of glass, intensified by a brilliant and creative design – where Covet NYC will insert their most iconic designs so that each home has its own elegant style. More luxury, from the latest technologies to the finest soundproof insulation, plus all the conveniences you could ever desire.



The luxury condo was designed to include the finest amenities so it could be both practical and amusing – from the pool to the steam rooms, from the pet spa to the playroom or from the health club to the club room. 172 Madison is not just a place to live, it is a place to enjoy the cosmopolitan luxury lifestyle of today.

The Covet NYC or The Mansion is located on the third floor of the amazing Skyscraper. The Mansion boasts 18-foot ceilings, nearly 3000 square feet indoors with an additional 3000 square feet surrounding the terrace, which includes a one of a kind private outdoor pool.

In the living room area, there will be an iconic center table by Boca do Lobo, the , with a gorgeous marble finishing. To provide you the comfort you deserve, the and by Boca do Lobo will be a warm presence in the living room. We didn’t forget the lighting and it’s the that will brighten your darkest days. One of the best areas for memorable and family moments is the dining room, where everyone gets together. Therefore, at Covet New York’s dining room you’ll feel the best comfort and high quality thanks to Brabbu! The fantastic and  from Brabbu make that possible.

Delightfull will make sure you have the best contemporary lighting in The Mansion. For example, some unique pieces you’ll be presented with are the and the , which bring a unique statement into the Mansion’s living room.

The mazing Luxxu Home will have an essential play in your office’s design since the , and the will offer you the elegance and luxury that you’ve been longing for all this time.


As we go through, the master bedroom will be covered by glamour with singular masterpieces by Koket, for example, the and the Adding even more passion, the E will be gracefully hanging from the high ceiling

The master bedroom will also be covered by glamour with singular masterpieces by Koket, for example, the Privê day bed and the Orchidea nightstand. Even though luxury and unique design will be predominating, you won’t miss the coziness feeling thanks to  This luxury brand will cover the floor with circular and

Obviously, everyone wants their loved ones to feel happy all the time and home is where we spent more time as a child. So, the junior bedroom will have some incredible and whimsical Circu designs – the and the are some of them.

Buy Tessler Development's New High-End Apartments in an NYC Skyscraper high-end apartments Buy Tessler Development’s New High-End Apartments in an NYC Skyscraper pc 03 740x480

What does any luxury apartment need? Some luxury hardware products! It’s on this topic that PullCast contributed to The Mansion! At the apartment, you’ll be able to find amazing products from the namely the top seller’s and Pulls. Other products of PullCast that will be displayed on The Mansion include the , , and pulls!

This amazing luxury design experience project it is still in the final stages of completion, so, unfortunately, we don’t have any preview pictures to show you, but when we do we will show you and you’ll be amazed by this space!

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