Covet London celebrates first anniversary ➤ Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit us at #bestinteriordesigners #topinteriordesigners #bestdesignprojects @BestID covet london Covet London celebrates first anniversary Covet London celebrates first anniversary
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Covet London celebrates first anniversary

Covet London will proudly present on December 9, 2016, an anniversary party to celebrate all the glorious achievements of the past year which were full of adventures and novelties. It is one of the latest projects from  which is the ultimate experience of interior design that has the purpose of improving creativity and inspirations among the design community. Covet London has been opened for a year now and they are inviting you to celebrate design.  Throughout the article, you will be able to take a deeper look inside the fabulous and luxurious Covet London, so be prepared to be amazed by all of its magnificence.

The jubilant celebration is going to start with a resourceful brunch which will entail a design talk about residential and commercial projects of 2016. Following that, a mid-season sale of Fall and winter trends will take place and finally, a cocktail gathering emerges where one can commemorate the best accomplishments in design in the company of friends.

The Luxury Apartment exhibits pieces from multiple prestigious design brands, from to , to , to , and the list goes on. Do not miss this astounding commemoration of design, to find out more information, please go . On the bottom section, you can find all the products with which the house was charmingly decorated.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Covet London and come celebrate design with friends! For more trends and suggestions follow and subscribe to !

Also you can watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House. You won’t be disappointed!

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