Discover The Design Charm of the Piccadilly Collection by Boca do Lobo – What defines a piece with that Design Charm everybody loves? A stunning design, a unique feel and an amazing technique. That’s what you can find in all the pieces of the  by  Written by Amândio Pereira. 


• An Amazing and Colorful Design Project by Kelly Wearstler in L.A.

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Join Designers  as we explore one of this luxury brand’s most iconic series of designs that combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with contemporary elements!


Discover The Design Charm of the Piccadilly Collection by Boca do Lobo - Designers - Top Interior Designers - World's Designers - Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit Designers! #bestinteriordesigners #BocadoLobo #TopInteriorDesigners @BestID design charm Discover The Design Charm of the Piccadilly Collection by Boca do Lobo Discover The Design Charm of the Piccadilly Collection by Boca do Lobo 5

The inspiration for this family of furniture designs came from the Piccadilly street located in the city of Westminster, in London. This is most popular due to its amazing billboards and movement. It is a remarkable source of inspiration to architects and designers all over the world, including , who has created three marvellous pieces based on this energetic location.

 – Taking contemporary furniture design to the very next level, the intricate hand-carved details, impeccable gold leaf and wood veneer application and astounding form, make it one of most impressive pieces.

Its interior features classic lines and elements, and is composed of two glass shelves and four drawers with traditional handles. Ultimately, the represents the passion felt by talented design team and craftsmen, embodying the brand’s unique philosophy and core values.

 – The is a result of new concepts that feature impossible constructions, explorations of the infinity, architecture, and tessellations. With a convex mirror, its frame is made in highly handcrafted poplar.


 – The is an exclusive piece that combines the dynamism of design with the power of narrative. It’s a highly expressive limited edition work, a precise knowledge of craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge production techniques.


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