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Fisher Weisman

FWPortrait  Fisher Weisman FWPortrait


Andrew Fisher earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Sculpture, Drawing and Metalsmithing from the California College of the Arts in 1978. Fisher developed a strong and successful studio practice, focusing on painting, sculpture and the design and crafting of fantasy furniture and light fixtures, collaborating with numerous interiors and objects.

In 1981, Jeffry Weisman received his Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in Design at Stanford University, where he studied in Palo Alto and Florence, Italy. He  began lecturing in the undergraduate and graduate Design programs at Stanford while studying at the business school, which he continued during ten academic years.

Andrew Fisher joined Jeffy Weisman’s firm in 1999. The firm’s work, described in the New York Times Sunday Magazine as “drop dead, big city chic”, includes distinctively luxurious and innovative interiors as well as furniture, lighting, and other product design.

Calming palettes, wonderful modern mix of furnishings and polished looks are their signature elements, which grant any room a sense of identity of its owner.

Though each space is clearly as unique as its inhabitants, in their projects are often noticed some signature elements and custom pieces artfully crafted. Other of their signature looks is the custom-designed lighting and furnishing they create for their clients.