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Home Decor Trends 2017: 10 3d-puzzle Ideas to Copy Now

Home Decor Trends 2017: 10 3d-puzzle Ideas to Copy Now – Because they will be super useful before you start your own decorating project. Even if you have the best professionals by your side, it’s important to have very clear in your mind which final scenario you want to see when the project is finally completed. That’s why Designers has selected some of trendiest home decorating tips. Some of them you’ll want to apply right after reading this article, for sure.

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1. Open Spaces: The Best Part of Industrial Style

The convenience of this kind of spaces is notorious. Walls are spared and amplitude and easy circulation are favored. Of course, for the result to be successful, it is convenient to be careful in terms of decoration and maintain a visual harmony through the correct choice of colors and furniture.

2. Use Furniture Pieces with Vibrant Colors

This is an effective option to beautify the spaces of the house and create a seductive composition. The colorful furniture piece can be red, blue, yellow or any other color that creates an interesting ambiance. These furniture pieces with vibrant colors stand out on a neutral base that favors black, white and gray.

3. Create a Highlighted Spot in the Room with Frames

This approach for decorating a wall is equally ideal for those looking to convey a specific theme as it is for those looking to showcase any and all things beautiful. Carefully curating the contents of your frames around a central theme (like black-and-white prints or travel memories) adds continuity to the design, while the grouping itself lends cohesion to even seemingly unconnected pieces.

4. What About a Splendorous Plant in your Living Room?

The plants always give a very natural and delicate touch to all areas. To create a more original and organic ambiance in your home, place the plant next to a big window, this way it will receive all sunlight necessary to keep it beautiful and healthy.

5. Tiles is a Wonderful Way to Improve your Kitchen

The kitchen walls are essential in creating the mood that prevails in this room. But if you think the current color of your kitchen wall is boring, you should think about choose new tiles and renew all your kitchen style, like the rectangular wall tiles of the subway wall. This is a fashionable decorating idea that will create a dynamic look in this area of the house.

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6. Small Plants Are a Fashionable Decorating Idea

There is nothing more pleasant than seeing small plants populate all the rooms of our house, don’t you think? Among the most famous are the cacti: beautiful and easy to maintain, they are the best choice to give a unique and modern touch to the ambiance.

7. Wallpaper is a Trendy and You Can’t Miss it!

The wallpaper is used for many generations to beautify the interior of the houses across the world. Of course, the wallpaper decorating style has evolved. Then to make a wall stand out, why not resort to it? It could be the wall behind the sofa, behind the head of the bed, close to the fireplace and so on. Choose a wall of relevance within your home and start working from there!

8. Celebrate the Shared Spaces in Your Home

Studio apartments will always be an interesting thing when it comes to interior design. They stand out from the shared areas, delimited only with the use of certain elements of decoration like furniture or rugs. So if you have a space like this, remember that the key is choosing a marvelous modern dining table, or a gorgeous contemporary rug, or a unique modern sofa, or even all together to make it clear that are different rooms without using walls to it.

9. Industrial Style with Bricks Just Rocks!

When it comes to modern decorating ideas, bricks are one of the most used materials nowadays. They are left in their natural shape, without any kind of finish. To achieve the perfect contemporary look by using bricks, bet on an industrial style décor.

10. The Bed Will Be the Center of Your Private Universe

We all dream of having a room like the ones we see all the time on the decorating magazines covers. But how to get it? Using good textiles in bed might be a good start. Also, soft cushions, blankets, and sheets are good allies for a peaceful home. But do not forget that this is your private universe and if there is a space in your home that you can be bold when decorating, this space is the bedroom. And the best part? It does not have to be all the same color. You can — and you should! — play with vibrant colors and mixed patterns!

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