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Ideas For Your Mid-Century Living Room

Today, Designers is presenting a spectacular Mid-Century Decor Guide for your Living Room!


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We’ll show you the ultimate guide to getting the best mid-century modern living room with the most high-quality Portuguese furniture brands. So join us in this mid-century adventure!

A truly inspiring mid-century modern living room needs touches of polished brass. Mixing the past with the present isn’t always easy but with the right furniture pieces, you’ll achieve a vintage look with a touch of uniqueness, modernity and innovation.  provides the bookcase you see at the back of the room (), complementing perfectly with the stunning  facing it on the other end.

 stuns with its amazing  in tones of gold and black, pairing with ‘s  with a unique beauty that is so apparent in this living room decor.  never disappoints and, this time amazes us with their  that rests stunningly on the side tables and gives us art deco vibes we can’t resist, and actually pairs quite beautifully with ‘s wall lamp, . Another side table rests quietly against the comfortable Reeves Chair, the famous , a masterpiece of .

For a stunning living room corner, there is nothing better than  products paired with stunning lighting pieces by sister brand, . For a vintage, brown and yellow look with tones of black and grey, the perfect mid-century color scheme, you can easily get the look with the ‘s classic , the ever so stunning and modern , paired with the , contemporary , and, of course, the beautiful and inspiring  by .

A living room corner not only impresses but brings a touch of personality and inspiration to the entire room, we couldn’t forget to show one of Essential Home’s finest, the  that you’ll definitely want to have in your home decor. Flexible to fit as an armchair, dining chair and even as a bar chair, this is truly an essential furniture piece. When paired with ‘s  and ‘s , it’s impossible to resist.

For a relaxing living room corner, nothing better than a side table, a floor lamp, a comfortable and stylish armchair and a stunning rug to complement it all. provides the armchair, in the form of the , a true iconic leather chair that holds comfort, history and personality, as well as the side table, , an elegant piece that will look amazing on your living room corner. The floor lamp is none other than ‘s simple but beautiful , and the rug, the modern , designed by .

A living room corner to die for,  pairs up with sister brand  to achieve this modern, Ultra Violet look that makes everyone’s jaws drop. With the inspiring , and , Essential Home stands with pride and beauty on your decor. Complete it with  byDelightFULL and let the light shine upon your home.

When it comes to small living room spaces, you really can’t go wrong with a  and a by . However, it’s what you pair it with that truly makes a difference.  brings you the stunning , that work absolutely perfectly with the white marble of the side table. Contrasting with the red velvet of the sofa, the golden and white tones are certainly an all-around gift that you get to unwrap every day.

A relaxing living room corner to have a zen moment in? Look no further. and come to the rescue yet again with true masterpieces of interior design. The classic will be your go-to when you’re feeling stressed and need a moment to sit, and it certainly is a perfect fit with the gorgeous  and . The , also by Essential Home, is the perfect accessory. Store your books, your framed family photos and decorate the shelves with some plants, and this will your perfect place to relax.  simple but absolutely beautiful , is simply the only fit if you want to achieve this calming and soothing look of utter style.

If you’re looking for a less classic and rather more modern and contemporary living room corner to relax, then we got the perfect one for you. With ‘s beloved  in tones of pink, paired with ‘s that showcases stunning polished brass and black tones, and ‘s , this will certainly be a look you’ll want to replicate in your home.

stunning  is the accent piece of this living room decor, only complemented by the beautiful  and , and , products by . The suspension lighting piece is where our eyes turn to immediately, but the green of the sofas and armchairs, soothing upholstered pieces, don’t really stay far behind. Pairing them all with the innovative and modern Miller is the cherry on top of the cake.

 never ceases to surprise and amaze and yet again they bring us mid-century vibes with a stunning modern and stylish look that will be amazing for any living room decor. With the  and paired with an ombre rug, .

A dining room corner that will be perfect for your home decor, this space brings modern, contemporary and bold mid-century vibes all in one. Get this look with ‘s , ‘s  and, of course, ‘s  

Last, but not least, this incredible living room corner that is definitely mid-century goals. From the lighting pieces to the armchair, sideboard and mirror, you get the entire look from only two sister brands that bring the best quality at the best price. An iconic living room corner that can be achieved with ‘s , ,  and , completed with the amazing by none other than  .

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