Martin Szekely martin Szekely

Martin Szekely

Martin Szekely martin Szekely

Martin Szekely, born in 1956, lives and works in Paris. Szekely enjoys rethinking the concept of each object and he has a special talent for working with imposing industrial constraints. His style is characterized by looking for the simplest expression of the object also embracing its functionality. His talent and personality have been recognized widely, named “Designer of the Year” in 1987, his creations are exhibited in the permanent collections of the world’s major museums as Centre Georges Pompidou and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, MoMa and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

He is the father of many iconic objects and “worked” for many famous brands such as Dom Pérignon, Hermés and JC Decaux.

“My wish is to create commons places (…) understandable by all. What interests me is create objects that are not pictures and that invite to the usage. “


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Martin Szekely Heroic Carbon by Martin Szekely

Martin Szekely Pi console table by Martin Szekely