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Pierre Yovanovitch’s 17th century château

Yesterday, “Designers” wrote a little profile about interior designer  and i just find out that his own château was featured in . I also found a little article at “” blog that presents some highlights of ‘s 17th century château.

“, is an amazing interior design magazine, that sometimes gives us the opportunity to visit a great house or mansion of some of the most popular celebrities in the world. This time  revealed exclusive details of the château of rising interior designer . “” will share with you some images and details of ’s 17th century château. It’s time for you to take a look and collect some ideas!  didn’t have the particular dream of owning a century house, much less of having his own 17th century château, however, he fell in love with it when he saw it listed for sale in a magazine.“In the living room of Paris designer ‘s 17th-century château in Provence, the custom-made sofas are covered in a Rogers & Goffigon linen, the circa-1940s armchairs are by Otto Schultz, the cocktail table is a 1949 design by T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, and the stucco mantel, in the traditional style, is by Joël Puisais; the watercolor, Jigsaw 1.5, is by Francesco Clemente, the 1931 oak sofa is by Axel Einar Hjorth, and the custom-made rug is from Holland & Sherry.”

As you might expect, the château was decorated by the rising interior design star. His designs are known for having rich textures and a 20th century American and Scandinavian style. To decorate in own home, he maintained some touches of the original decoration. h kept the walls very clean, without too many accessories, because that’s the way the chateau was decorated in the 17th century.The amazing château is located near the village of Aups in the southern foothills of the Alps. Buying a 17th century château is always a risk. If the building’s structure is in poor condition you’ll face a big and expensive renovation. And  had that bad luck. The château had no foundation apart from under one of the four towers.The restoration of the château took three years, but, in the end, interior designer  renovated a fantastic 17th century property. He still thinks that has 20 or more years of work to take the château into its old glory. But we can see that the interior designer is in a good way to accomplish that.

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