The Home Project of Artist Misha Kahn misha kahn The Home Project of Artist Misha Kahn A colorful design project by Misha Kahn I Lobo you 2

The Home Project of Artist Misha Kahn

Today, Designers will present you a colorful design project by artist  that took on the mission of decorating her new apartment. Here it is the final result.

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The living room features Campana brothers – designed furry couch and fish-scale-adorned chest, and the centerpiece of the dining room is a soft-rubber table in the shape of Denmark, designed by Gaetano Pesce. “Eating anything other than soup on it is an adventure,” Kahn says. The floor-through, on the top of a walk-up in Greenpoint, is a rental, and while that usually limits how ambitious tenants get with decorating, Kahn didn’t let that stand in the way of her vision.

For instance, in the kitchen, all surfaces save for the oven are covered in what looks like a deconstructed Chagall painting, with one wall plastered in bright-yellow Voutsa wallpaper. Kahn says, “It’s the visual equivalent of an alarm that wakes you up to the voices of screaming children.”

For the bedroom, Kahn designed a pair of sconces for a production of La Calisto at Juilliard. Her boyfriend, Haramis, helped: “I was watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when I worked on the one on the right, which is covered in copper leaf, because I am color-blind and bad at sconce-making,” he says. “We put stuffed animals in them as a joke, but now that’s their home.”

The Moroccan boucherouite is from Heirloom in Williamsburg, and was bought to cover the otherwise standard gray headboard. “Because if your eyes aren’t bleeding, we must be doing something wrong,” Haramis says. The fan and stools are by Kahn. He also used an Ikea rug and fiberglass yard décor,” Kahn says. The toothy Japanese print on the far bedroom wall is by Tadanori Yokoo.

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