The Preview of Rug'Society Showcase at ADSHOW 2018 (6)
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The Preview of Rug’Society Showcase at ADShow 2018

From 22-25 March, the prestigious 4-Day ADShow 2018 dedicated to design inspirations will return for its 17th edition. The Architectural Digest Show promises to deliver yet another astonishing show represented by more than 400 brands.


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Today, Designers will focus on a particular one, Rug’Society, a specialized rug brand that aims to bring history and culture of tapestry to a current design in a way not to be just rugs, but works of art. Exhibiting through Demorais International, Rug’Society will showcase its latest products on Piers 92 & 94.

Rug’s Society has four marvelous collections, Graphic, Modern, Savage and Royal that combine the best techniques in tapestry and design, creating products that have an extreme artistic appeal.

The Preview of Rug'Society Showcase at ADSHOW 2018 ADShow 2018 The Preview of Rug'Society Showcase at ADShow 2018 The Preview of RugSociety Showcase at ADSHOW 2018 5

These collections are represented by a bold graphic design that was developed through noble materials, graphics, and patterns that are both different and unusual. 100% handmade products that can transform the comfort and beauty of your home or interior design project.

At the event, will be highlighting the exquisite Lola rug which is best defined by its pop style and geometry features. The hand-tufted rug is full of personality, in which the design plays with the conjugation of straight lines and the round shape of the rug.

Made with New Zealand wool and linen, the bold colors from Pop style contrast with the Mid Century brown and grey, in an interesting conjugation of styles. Nevertheless, you can expect the luxury rug brand to present a wide variety of designs all bound to mesmerize its beholder.

During these four days, the 55th Street at Twelfth Avenue in New York City will be on cheerful mood thanks to Architectural Digest that will provide a wide variety of opportunities and inspirations for all interior design lovers.

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