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It is hard not to feel compelled about the creative output of , one of Britain’s biggest names in the realms of Design and Architecture, and one which has slowly, but pointedly, stolen the proverbial spotlight as one of the worlds trendiest Design & Architecture studios. That is why we at Designers decided to share some of the studio’s works.


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Heatherwick Studio heatherwick studio Top Design Studio | Heatherwick Studio google landscraper exterior 1
Google UK, Kings Cross, London

Yes, yes, you most likely heard about one or two (or three, or even all of them!) of this studio’s work, and while it isn’t necessarily focused on just interior design, Heatherwick offers a beautiful, innovative, and out-of-the-box way to reappropriate spaces, buildings and even various everyday objects such as furniture. It’s founder, Thomas Heatherwick, is an admixture between a researcher, landscape architect, product & furniture designer, and, well, an architect. All intertwined, sure, but we’re quite adamant that were it not for his knowledge, experience, savvy, and curiosity in all of these areas, his work wouldn’t be able to reach the heights of both popularity and trendiness it has. And have no doubts about it, the man IS trendy; Google’s King Cross was designed by his studio, with him at the forefront of the project.

Heatherwick heatherwick studio Top Design Studio | Heatherwick Studio thomas heatherwick dezeen sq
The man himself – Thomas Heatherwick

Heatherwick also has a variety of conceptual projects, such as 2007 London Olympic Velodrome, and an otherworldly design for a Buddhist overlooking Kagoshima in Japan.

Heatherwick Studio heatherwick studio Top Design Studio | Heatherwick Studio 2007olympic Velodrome 1
2007 London Olympic Velodrome Concept


Heatherwick Studio heatherwick studio Top Design Studio | Heatherwick Studio temple
Kagoshima Buddhist Temple

A truly inspirational and wonderful studio with a vision to conquest all pre-conceived notions of the world of design, Heatherwick Studio consists of an army of design artists and architects, not just its founder, and while his visionary ideas and design ethic might be the conceptual driving force behind the whole Studio, this family of dreamers is what keeps their flights of fancy real. A testament to this drive is a new residential and shopping district currently being build in Shanghai, called 1000 Trees. It was designed as if it were a mountain covered in natural green (by that I mean actual nature, crawling and creeping with plants), in a mirage quite similar to ancient descriptions of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Nature has, little by little, encroached into the eco-friendly designs and architectural projects of the future.

Heatherwick Studio heatherwick studio Top Design Studio | Heatherwick Studio 1000trees shangain


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