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A Few Feng Shui Inspirations For Your Bedroom Decor

Today, Designers will promote a small guide of inspirations for your amazing bedroom decor. What is our best advice? Keep it faithful to the principles of feng shui, but let’s explore this theme further! Written by  Vitor Teixeira.


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Feng Shui is the noble and ancient art of having all your furniture placement in all the right corners no matter the size to make the best of your home’s aura. And while this might seem weird and mysterious, this a reality you can implement in your home in no time.

A bright yet intimate setting can do wonders. Keep it simple and don’t overflow the space with junk. Just stick to the essentials and don’t overthink it! You just need to go with the flow!

Produce a monochromatic decor, featuring splashes of grey and blue. By doing so, it allows a small space to have character. You can place a photograph or work of art next to your bed to create a powerful sensation of meaning.

When decorating any child’s bedroom, it’s a good idea to plan for the future. Go for the neutral furniture, such as a loft bed, that can easily be matched with colorful children’s bedding. What do you think of this tips?

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