Olana Interiors A South African Project by Olana Interiors A South African Project by Olana Interiors 114

A South African Project by Olana Interiors

A South African project by Olana Interiors – It’s time to explore one more projects submitted to the ,  a Design Contest that it’s still open for entries (Until the 15th of December of 2018). Today, Designers takes a look at


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This design firm produced an interior design project that takes us to Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. The project itself is a family home and corporate venue for business clients a features a modern style.

Created almost 25 years ago,  is a multidisciplinary decor and design studio focus on modern manufacturing division. Their latest interior design project in a Cape Town property is another of the contestants from the Covet International Awards, a design competition created by the European luxury design company,.

In every project the design studio intents to capture the costumer personality, creating approachable spaces with modern living areas. They are specialized not only in residential, equestrian and golf estate homes but also in private lodges and apartments from the Indian and Atlantic ocean to the interior of vast South Africa.

The interior design project itself has an interesting story. The designers’ team from Olala Interiors were supposed to decorate another house of the client. As they were about to arrive at the first house, Schané Anderson (Interior Designer, Creative and CEO of ) were informed that that house was just sold and it was replaced for a Clifton property designed by an architect from the Visser Architects.

The interior designer had to think fast and redesign all of her ideas for the new four stores, five bedrooms, 3,9 m-high ceilings home with bare white walls and panoramic views from the Twelve Apostles to Clifton’s beaches. The  623m2 space turned out not only as a modern home but also a celebration of craftsmanship, design, art and the location itself.

This family home design taught through on two main concepts: comfort and functionality. All of the decorated rooms were created with a combination of local rising African Artist’s canvasses with established and European designer pieces. The multiple sitting areas had a black frame around windows with black velvet curtains making the outside light appear brighter and clearer.

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