An Exquisite Vintage Industrial Kitchen by Festen To Inspire You
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An Exquisite Vintage Industrial Kitchen by Festen To Inspire You

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Today, Designers will travel to Paris to show you an exquisite Vintage Industrial Kitchen by  to inspire you! Just sit back and get your juices flowing and be inspired by this amazing kitchen decor!


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Located right at the corner of Place de la République, in Paris, this 170sqm loft was designed by the Paris-based architecture firm . The kitchen interiors were completed by the Italian firm , and the result is an incredible vintage New York and Industrial inspired kitchen.



All in all, it’s a stunning example of a kitchen renovation. From its extended steel-structured ceilings to the typical 20th-century iron-fixed windows, the interiors create a contemporary industrio-archeological spirit that has characterized the beloved French capital.



The open spaced kitchen is characterized by a large island equipped with an induction hob and oven — which opens up onto the living room without a sense of discontinuity. Completing the layout are the kitchen sink block underneath a window overlooking the 10th arrondissement and the larger station against the wall — offering a professional spirit alongside striking metal textures.7

Both Festen and Abimis were trying to achieve a sense of duality, for which they combined forces to contrast distinct styles and put together one harmonious setting. We can see this in the open floor kitchen, which integrates the communal functionality of catering with a more private layout thanks to the configuration of the working stations.

The overall design functions as a communal catering space that still offers privacy thanks to the steel blocks layout. It gives the room a very industrial and New York feeling, all the while maintaining a modern and clean look to it.


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