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An Open Space Loft Design by Stephanie Kasel in Cologny

An Open Space Loft Design by Stephanie Kasel in Cologny – This week marks the star on a New Series of Articles on Designers about all the projects submitted to the ,  a Design Contest that it’s still open for entries (Until the 15th of December of 2018).


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The entries are open for all interior design projects that elevate design and craftsmanship. This project is sponsored by  and the , and its mission is to find the world’s most outstanding projects where design modernizes craftsmanship.

Credits to Stephanie Kasel

Today’s Covet Award Project is a 130sqm loft located in Cologny, Switzerland. This open space loft was created according to the owner’s expectations. Functionality and personalized atmosphere were to the main concepts of the base for this interior design project.

Credits to Stephanie Kasel

the interior designer behind this modern project, was able to combine functional materials with different color shades. In every room of this design project, the functionality concept was the key behind all process.

Credits to Stephanie Kasel

The modern house has a lot of natural light. The home office installed facing the window, benefits from a large panorama and plenty of natural light. An industrial glass partition separates the living room area of the home office. A custom dressing room, a bespoke bedhead in the master bedroom and the bathroom furniture were designed to fit these particularly tiny spaces.

Credits to Stephanie Kasel

Credits to Stephanie Kasel

The final result fulfilled everything that the family who lived in the loft needed and wanted. Custom Design Furniture and bright colors are the main points in the interior design of this open space loft!

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