Aung Naing Linn Royal Residence Project in Yangon residence project Aung Naing Linn Royal Residence Project in Yangon Aung Naing Linn Royal Residence Project in Yangon 15
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Aung Naing Linn Royal Residence Project in Yangon

Aung Naing Linn Royal Residence Project in Yangon – Today we will explore one more article in our Series of Articles on Designers about all the projects submitted to the ,  a Design Contest that it’s still open for entries (Until the 15th of December of 2018).



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and his residential project is the third contestant of this design competition! “In the past, people were born royal. The Royal Residence project was for a young family with a luxury lifestyle, who follows the latest fashion design trends. The 229 sqm house is located in the center of the city of Yangon, Myanmar.

The living room and the dining room were built on an open space concept, a trend that we can see in many modern homes. The interior decor was all based on the golden details that we can see on the coffee table, on the wall mirror, or on the ceiling chandelier.

In the dining room area, the interior designer decided to incorporate and combine different patterns. I mean, the onyx wall designed in warm colors, was matched with an elongated ceiling pattern, creating multiple layers of texture on the room.

The master bedroom was designed with the goal to take advantage of the natural light during the day. The frameless elevated master bed makes the room looks bigger then it actually is.

For the master bathroom, the interior designer wanted to focus on an edgy design with the combination of two main materials: marble and onyx. The wall mounted storage cabinet was chosen in neutral colors, unlike the room’s suspension lighting.

As you enter the guest room you can see that Aung Naing Linn kept the theme in all the house divisions. The same headboard design if the master bed was used in this modern style bedroom.

Last but not least, we enter the kid’s bedroom. This room was dedicated to the two princesses of the family. The interior designer played with textured fabric incorporating it on the wall panels and on the upholstery elements of the room.

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