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BDP is a major international practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists. They create outstanding places for people.

Working in interdisciplinary teams we produce integrated, holistic and sustainable solutions. Their cumulative depth of experience gives us leading edge expertise across a wide spectrum of sectors.3d-puzzleer * BDP  3d-puzzleer * BDP 3d-puzzleer BDP 705x300

Originally established in 1961 as Building Design Partnership, BDP now has studios across the world. These combine local knowledge with the vision, values and infrastructure of a major award winning practice.

Their are passionate about good design.  Curious by nature they are thought leaders, innovators and early adopters of new technologies. In a constantly changing world they create clever solutions which add value for our clients.3d-puzzleer * BDP  3d-puzzleer * BDP 3d-puzzleer BDP2 705x300

Their place people at the centre of our thinking. The best designs spring from fusing people, activity and place to produce experiences which are unique, inspiring and surprising.

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Founded on the idea of interdisciplinary working, a one-team ethos is fundamental to their approach.  Within their studios different professions are encouraged to spark off each other and deliver innovation through collaboration.3d-puzzleer * BDP  3d-puzzleer * BDP 3d-puzzleer BDP5 705x300

They respect and care for each other and the world we inhabit. Their design community nurtures the skills of talented people within a stimulating environment to support our evolving practice and consistently produce great work for our clients.

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Excellent design comes from excellent management. They eliminate risks to their projects and take pride in running a sustainable and profitable business delivering the highest level of service to their clients.