covet international awards Covet International Awards: Discover Here The Winners And Their Projects Covet International Awards Discover Here The Winners And Their Projects
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Covet International Awards: Discover Here The Winners And Their Projects

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The  were created with the purpose of celebrating and elevating the arts & crafts by distinguishing the most prestigious interior design projects. During Maison Et Objet 2019 the  contest announced the four winners and today, Best Interior Designers will show you who they are and their amazing projects! Take a look:



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ASYA by PTang Studio Limited

Located in Jakarta Indonesia, Asya is the family-orientated and warm-hearted development which centers around the family ancestry as a concept. Using the family tree as a physical concept, various architectural elements trickles and flows through the space as lighting and partition features.

The various spaces are structured with interconnecting components, warm lighting with soft textures throughout to echo the warmth and sentiment within the areas. These physical details weave and envelop the visitor within a comfortable surround, reiterating the sense of familial protection and nurture, creating different functional areas of open and enclosed spaces without making the space to small. The Reception sculpture is an abstraction of a tree, simulating the concept of lineage.



Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo Japan, by The Ascott Limited 

Drawing in a panoramic view of the city skyline, Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo is conceptualized as both a literal and figurative lens through which guests can contemplate the dynamic movement and vibrancy of Japan’s metropolitan capital.

Inspired by the synergistic relationship between the rapid pace of modernization and the dignified charm of local culture, the design harmonizes vernacular minimalist principles with luxurious modern trappings. One observes a consonance between two different worlds.

Trees, blossoms, leaves water and clouds, motifs that epitomize the Japanese philosophy of Zen, adorn the walls and ceilings, while linear elements resonate with the surrounding high-rise architecture. Seemingly disparate elements are employed to achieve a quiet balance, an oasis of serenity amidst the bustle of the thriving metropolis.


2 Gether Club House by Ptang Studio Limited 

2GETHER is a luxury residential development set along the south coast of Tuen Mun beside an overall panoramic sea view of five bays and convenient transport links with Light Rail and Ferry Port in close proximity.

The location and characteristics of the architecture make this residential development an ideal first home for fashionable young professionals with the interior design taking inspiration from the area’s active suburban vibe creating a living space which is both stylish and dynamic.



Dio” is a space unique from one another and priceless to the ones who desire. The idea was to design a couture interior space in Singapore for a penthouse covering 200sqm that focused on the clean lines and shapes as a primary vector, layered with inimitable materials that reveal its story and history.

Dio” (God in Italian) is influenced by modernist architects and designers such as Le-Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe & Gio Ponti. With the use of holy grails such as marble, wood, metal, and lights are fused to create a modern luxury space like no other.


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