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Inspiring Living Room Ideas Provided By Celebrity Homes


Let’s talk about Living Room ideas! We are here to provide you with some stunning Living Room Ides & Inspirations, but we’ll do that by providing you with some stunning examples of some living room of a few top celebrity homes!


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Truth be told, celebrities are a top source of endless inspiration! The top celebrities have access to the most talented interior designers, and they create the most stunning space with the coolest furniture and lighting designs. That’s why you can trust us when we say that this top 5 celebrity living room examples that we are about to show you are top notched and represent a big stream of nice decor ideas.

Let us start with a surprise. Who knew that comedian Will Ferrell has such an elegant and powerful house. Industrial and Colorful are the two words that best describe this Living Room in Ferrell’s New York Industrial Loft! The room features ambiance sobriety and clean lines, but it is also possible to see Ferrell’s fun side in the decoration. A pop of color here and there makes absolutely all difference!

This one belongs to Emily Rossum, This is a living room is chic and faithful to a classic British look! Rossum has a very classic taste and this space reflects a young energy, but with old-fashioned touches. Stunning!

Time to showcase the style of an icon! Sir Elton John and his partner, filmmaker David Furnish, have one of the most amazing living rooms ever. It’s very 70’s, and very L.A. It’s a perfect vintage mid-century living room that matches the building’s architecture. The living room offers sweeping city views, but pieces from the couple’s art collection also command attention. The perfect pied-à-terre for ths power couple.

This living room belongs to another power couple: Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber. In this room, jute rugs and velvet-covered sofas pair with leather side chairs and wood accent tables for an eclectic, worldly look. It has a beautiful family vibe in the most elegant way that perfectly matches its owners.

Inspiring Living Room Ideas Provided By Celebrity Homes Living Room Ideas Inspiring Living Room Ideas Provided By Celebrity Homes Inspiring Living Room Ideas Provided By Celebrity Homes 5

Minimal, modern, sleek, and totally cool! It’s everything you’d expect from the designer who spearheaded minimal fashion: Calvin Klein. This whitewashed living room is accented with warm wood notes and a stylish black lamp. The natural light courtesy of the floor to ceiling windows is everything. For us, this one is the Best Example of the lot.


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