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Presenting the New Collection of Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

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It’s time to present the new collection of  one of the most iconic brands of interior design in the entire world! This brand is known for providing a wide range of sumptuous and exclusive furniture designs and accessories.


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This luxury brand’s style is quite distinctive as the brand is inspired by remarkable prints and patterns. So it’s obvious Designers had to present this brand’s newest design collection, and this new collection is a reflection of luxury, exuding an unmatched sense of elegance and luxury.

This amazing brand showcases great attention to detail, always selecting the best materials, colors, textures and fabrics to dress their pieces.

This new collection features exotic patterns, naturalistic suggestions, vibrant colors and an urban jungle mood. This collection serves as a captivating interior design proposal that celebrates a joyful lifestyle.

Presenting the New Collection of Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors roberto cavalli Presenting the New Collection of Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors Presents New Deluxe Design Collection 2

Classic tones of beige and grey are combined with the season’s signature: a vibrant citron green hue. The new banana leaf motif, with its tropical inspiration, merges with the animal patterns of lynx and zebra, while natural elements become the metallic decorative elements embellishing lamps, coffee tables and dressers.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors’ new collection also highlights astonishing accents of marble and gold that give a wonderful contrast to an interior space. As a whole, these pieces have a glam-chic appeal that is quite endearing and desirable to homeowners.

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