Searching for Some Design Inspiration We Have The Moodboards You Need 2 design inspiration Searching for Some Design Inspiration? We Have The Moodboards You Need Searching for Some Design Inspiration We Have The Moodboards You Need 2
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Searching for Some Design Inspiration? We Have The Moodboards You Need

Are you searching for some Design Inspiration? Then, Designers have the perfect moodboards that you’ll need. Be assured that if you follow these MoodBoards, your inspiration levels will hit new levels of excellence! 


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Neutral colors in design this year will be showcasing peace, tranquillity and comfort, above everything. Bold and rich colors, pastels, they go out of style, but neutrals stay – they are timeless. In 2019, we expect the glamour and luxury in simple things, a genius highlight of the softest curves and lines, whether it be fashion, architecture or interior design.

Aminal bold or Animal Prints have been a popular style for a long time and for many reasons. For one, they are generally expensive and considered rather exotic and for another hence they are a symbol of wealth and status. The art prints may replicate the same skin or fur pattern found on the animal, but a flat photographic representation printed on artistic media, such as for as wall decorations.

The search for velvet have increased by 400% over the past six months and is the most searched for fabric. Sumptuously seductive, velvet beds and are some of the most covetable ways to bring the look home. That’s why Velvet is one of the Top Trends for 2019 and we are so happy about it because we love Velvet. Who doesn’t?

Living Coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year! But you can opt for a Spin-Off! Tuth be told, Orange and Yellow will be two dominant hues in this year, with moody renditions of two permeating the realm of decorative accents, furnishings, and paint. Drawing from a true ‘70s-inspired palette, you may expect to see the two integrated within one another with effortless ease.

This moodboard  shows you how you can adapt the new art déco style to your home. This Art Deco Moodboard gives you plenty of ideas/ suggestions and, in fact, Art Deco can be glam and playful but still with a bit of a minimalist bent.

When comes to metals you can play with The days when you need to match the metals now you can mix them and you know why? When you mixed metals, you elevate your space with a cultivated style and unexpected twist.


Lastly, we leave you with some Black never goes out of fashion, and Black Matte is one of the Top Trends of 2019 and we can assure you that it won’t go out of style this year! It’s so elegant and such a powerful trend that looks great in all the styles and environments possible, especially if we’re talking about Metallic Black Matte.


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