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4 Stunning Rugs to Start 2019 in The Trendiest Way Possible

Today, Designers will showcase 4 Stunning Rugs to start 2019 in the trendiest way possible. As we all know, it doesn’t take much to completely change the look of your living room decor or that entryway of your home that you so adore! One of the easiest ways to revamp a room is to add a powerful rug and, taking advantage of that, we decided to highlight 4 Amazing Rugs that fit the new trends and that you’ll completely love. 


Peter Marino’s Stunning Renovation of Bulgari’s Store in New York

• Mid-Century Modern Inspirations for your Living Room


It is true what the decorators say: “Sometimes all it takes it a rug to bring that touch of uniqueness or perhaps even bring a plenitude to the remaining furniture pieces you have on your home”. Either way, you’ll find that these modern rugs that we’re showing you today, will completely change your home decor and inspire you with their greatness!

 is a contemporary low pile rug produced using an over-tufting technique. This round rug has a wavy and abstract pattern, available in many pasty color schemes, based on the wonderful color palettes of Hollywood movies. This accent rug will fill your room with style and bring an undeniable peace to it. You can customize it to different colors, so it’s easy to get the look you want in no time!


 is an accent rug produced in pure tencel using hand tufting techniques and cut loop pattern. Inspired by the space age and all the futuristic movies from Hollywood, its graphic imprint seems to resemble a large amount of spaceships, creating a great visual appeal for your living room due to its pasty background. Versatile in its essence, you can use it in different spaces around your home, such as the bedroom, and you can customize it with different colors to better fit your decor.


With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project.


 is a modern handmade rug with an irregular and dynamic composition pattern that moves like a whirlwind. Being hand-tufted, it is made by punching strands of tencel into a canvas. Its circular shape accentuates the visual effect on it, providing depth to your living room decoration. A true mid-century rug, you will never get tired of its hypnotic design.

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