bredaquaranta The Style and Trends of Bredaquaranta’s Showroom in Milan The Style and Trends of Bredaquaranta 31

The Style and Trends of Bredaquaranta’s Showroom in Milan

As one of the Top Names of the Milanese Design Scenewas one of the main showstoppers of the Milan Design Week. This top design studio/ showroom gave one of the best parties of the Design Week, having joined forces with top mid-century luxury brands  and to create a  stunning mid-century vibe.


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But apart from that Cocktail Party, Bredaquarenta had other interesting points occurring during the Milan Design Week. This company was one of the main focal points of the Brera Design District and its showroom was a beacon of style and new design trends throughout the design week!


bredaquaranta The Style and Trends of Bredaquaranta’s Showroom in Milan 6199showroom bredaquaranta


As you know, Bredaquaranta selects the best brands and the best interior furnishing solutions to realize complete and tailored residential projects. This companies goal is to help customers give life to their ideal home, in which quality, aesthetics and functionality are combined with maximum harmony.



The work of Bredaquarenta’s architects and interior designers aims to create spaces that reflect your personality and your tastes, through effective and functional solutions, tailored to your needs. Bredaquaranta does this every day and on every project they have. It’s not only about having amazingly beautiful showrooms with a big variety of contemporary and luxury brands, but also bringing customized design solutions.



During Milan Design Week, Bredaquaranta’s Showroom showcased a wide variety of top Mid-Century and Luxury Design pieces and inspirations that can work on every Home Decor. Those pieces mostly belong to  andand you can perfectly see why Bredaquaranta picked them. We couldn’t pass the opportunity of showing you some photos of their showroom during this amazing event so you can see for yourself the ideas given by this top brand!



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