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The New Project By MA Design!

The New Project By MA Design! – We’ve been talking about projects submitted to the ,  a Design Contest that it’s still open for entries (Until the 15th of December of 2018). And today, Designers will continue to explore the participants of this design contest and, today, we’ll focus on a project by MA Design.


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The final result of this interior design project was created with furniture pieces and accessories from multiple brands such as , Moooi, Snaidero, Wall and Deco, Bolzan, among others. The masterminds behind it belong to  a design studio focused on conceptual design e creative tasks. Their vision on every project relies on the comfort and functionality of the room, highlighting the creativity of the interior designer as well as the owner (or customer) personality.

For this conceptual design studio whether it is a country home, a small studio or a modern loft,  every interior project should be the reflection of the owner’s dream. According to their vision, the key beneath a successful project is on the inspiration that comes from the client dreams and needs.

Alesya Nestyak, the main interior designer of the studio, was responsible for the modern concept of this interior design project. She believes that the relationship between the client and the designer is one of the main starting points to capture the essence of the project. For that reason, she built a solid relationship with her client in the creative process of this design project called “New Home Karelia“.

This is a two-store house where the main floor is about 297 m2 and the second-floor area equals a total of 135 m2. Surrounded by the northern nature, the main obstacle beneath the modern house project was to naturally blend the modern architecture into the old landscape without ruining the natural environment.

For the design of the house, the interior designer has chosen an eclectic style that fulfills the interests and versatility of the house owners. They are people that have a lot of hobbies and don’t like to stand still so the design team wanted to create a house that could “keep up with them”, turning into a space ready for any new transformations.

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