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Top and Luxurious Pied-à-Terre Inspirations!

We at Designers just love pied-à-terres! They are elegant, useful and super trendy! For those who don’t know, a pied-à-terre is a small house or flat, which you own or rent but only use it on occasion. This is the more simple definition of a pied-à-terre, but now let us show you some incredible examples of this style of houses!


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New York, Paris, Milan, Sidney or London! These are the cities where you find most pied-à-terres per square meter. These amazing, trendy and upscale major Urban Centers are after all well known for their luxury lifestyle and expensive cost of living, making them the most exclusive cities to live in.

It’s true that the super-rich elite loves these and other cities alike, but a large majority prefer to have amazing  mansions on the countryside or near the ocean, but when they want to spend a few days in the craziness of these cities they consider buying or renting a smaller but luxurious house, transforming them in their private pied-à-terres.

Take a look at the two examples above. The first one it was Tom Cruise former pied-à-terre in London. The famous superstar wanted a small but luxurious place in London to enjoy the craziness of the British Capital and this amazing loft serve that purpose for a while, namely during the filming process of “The Mummy” movie. When he wasn’t in Italy, the late opera icon Luciano Pavarotti loved to relax in New York in the iconic apartment you can see in the second image.

Some super-rich individuals tend to hire top interior designers to revamp their secondary houses in these top cities. We can see above two examples designed by the illustrious Juan Montoya and Suzanne Lovell. 

If you want inspirations for your piede-à-terre, then we recommend you take a look at some of the following room inspirations! One of them is the above  that can work perfectly in a Modern and Urban Cottage.

For a more relaxing pied-à-terre near the coast, why not this design inspiration also by Boca do Lobo. The amazingjust add a touch of glamour at any house!

For a more mid-century inspiration, you should take a look at the amazing dining room on the image above! Despite of the small place, this room shines brightly, mostly due to the amazing  Another Top Example of how you can take advantages of small paces is the Hall Idea by  where the incredible  shines immensely.

Take a look at this elegant example of . It’s the perfect decor for a simple but elegant pied-à-terre don’t you think? It looks amazing and if you love Pink, this decor style is the right for your supporting home. And what about this office decor also by Brabbu with ?

Taking advantage of the color Black, that’s a top trend color all year long, why not follow this Dining Room inspiration by ! At your luxury pied-à-terre you’ll need to entertain some guests and host amazing dinner parties, and this Luxxu example will make your home the talk of the town!

Now let’s talk about Maison Valentina, one of the top bathroom brands in the world. And why are we mentioning Maison Valentina? Well, any amazing pied-à-terre needs an incredible bathroom. Who better than Maison Valentina to provide you with the best bathroom. This design is headlined by the incredible 

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