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Top and Modern Inspirations For Your Dining Room

We’ve already talked about Mid-Century Modern Inspirations for your Living Room, but now it’s time to explore Inspirations for your Dining Room!


THE Restaurant by Tom Dixon
Mid-Century Modern Inspirations for your Living Room


So keep an eye out because these might be the ones you’ll want to get into next year! So dive with Designers into the wonderful world of Inspirations!

Deep, velvety red is the color one you might have on the lookout next year. Combine that with  and and you’ll have the look of the season! The perfect dining room.

Wallpaper dominated the trends in home design ideas this year! Next year, be on the lookout for the colorful patterns and prints. Combine a majestic dining table such as Winchester and with a unique lamp such as  and you’ll have the perfect combo!

When it comes to chandelier we know this might be a challenge. Our tip: an original mid-century chandelier such as  and a velvet chair such as and a rich and original dining table such as  and you’ll have it all.

It seems grey, green and black are the tone colors of the season. A classic minimalist dining room that counts with stellar choices in decor, this might be the one if you are big on dinner parties! Dining chairs courtesy of , and the unique mid-century chandelier .

 takes the stand in this peculiar dining room set. The marble tones combined with the retro feeling and the perfect choice in dining room lighting such as  elevates this dining room decor to a max.

If the vintage style dominated the home decor trends of 2018, 2019 marks this as the ongoing trend of following years. If you want to add that bit of vintage taste to your dining room without going overboard, add the retro chandelier to your list! Here you see as the perfect choice for lighting and  this dining room special.

The perfect mixture of mid-century:   vintage furniture with luxurious textiles and soft colors with  with one of its mid-century chandeliers to achieve the perfect lighting conditions.

With a revamped look  shines like a pro in this mid-century dining room. With an amazing rug filled with polka dots and an astounding dining room table,  and  make this a true vintage statement.

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