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Tour Interior Designer Ricardo de la Torre’s Amazing Apartment

This Wednesday we will show you the amazing Interior Designer Ricardo de la Torre’s stunning apartment in Madrid! For those who don’t know him, Torre is one of the most popular Spanish Interior Designers of this century and his amazing designs can be found all across Spain!


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It’s obvious that would input his amazing creativity and style to his own apartment, and he was pretty decided about what he wanted to do at his apartment in Madrid. This is not more of one of his interior design projects, this is his own project! A large and luminous space in a late nineteenth-century building in the Justicia neighbourhood in Madrid, where he graciously combined soft and bold colorful contrasting elements in this home design.

The result was a spacious 220 square meters opened up the place, where was four bedroom now is a very wide area with the greatest living room design. He kept the radiators, the exterior carpentry, and the pine floor, and on the ceilings, he created moldings reproducing the ones that are on the exterior of the building, which seem to have always been there. On the walls, the interior designer opted for a greenish-white tone for “soberness”.

Filled with great home decor ideas, the interior designer used not so subtle colorful details to give a splash of dazzling tones to this area. It’s a kaleidoscope-coloured room! The building used to be the office of a publisher, divided in a lot of small rooms covered of old floors. So de la Torre took almost all the walls down to open up space, and mostly because he did not like it. He also extended and made the ceiling higher.

Aware of the 2019 design trends, he boldly chose this striped canvas to complement the sophisticated mint sideboard cabinet. In the background, De la Torre hid the television in some camouflaged cabinets on the wall. On the fireplace, paper framed in methacrylate by Raúl Díaz Reyes, from Galería Ponce + Robles.

In the hall, there’s mirrored-door bathroom inspired by the work of Anish Kapoor, a fresco with Star Wars characters painted by Graffiti Albacete and a pouffe by L.A. Studio. This technic-colored bathroom is absolutely exquisite! With marble floor, bright black boiserie with neon lilacs and mirror furniture, it is all mesmerizing.

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